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Space Events

Space Bar attendance (4th March 21)

Wow, a Space bar what a great idea!

Setup by the AstroAgency when the pandemic made us stop having real life meetings to ensure we all carried on talking to each other. The Space Bar allows everyone interested in anything space related to join up for a blether (that’s a conversation for all of you non Scottish speakers). Organised around a few panels the session then opens up to general chat late into the night. There are talks about new space technology, introductions to how black holes work, plans to mine asteroids, and many many more.

On the 31st iteration of the space bar I was able to talk about the human aspect of space, encouraging everyone in “Making Space for Humanity”.

What I wanted to convey during this panel was that in any Space related work we carry out in the space industry we should always think about the human aspect, and that we should have a “human” business case. Why do we go to the Moon or Mars? What is the benefit to humankind? Why do we have an International Space Station?

It was a really good conversation between all attendees, and I think it raised awareness of how space can help Earth and humans. As we like to say… “Every Earth problem has a space solution”.


Andrew Fournet

Andrew is the Product Development & Innovation Analyst at Astrosat and he works on developing bright ideas and turning them into reality. Half Scottish half French-born and bred in Paris (Parisian - Corsican), Andrew likes riding his motorcycle and drinking wine, usually not at the same time!

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