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Public Data Sources

Ground based data sources that confirm and shed new light on satellite data.

Business Data

Integration of Business Data to have instant oversight at the highest level.

Earth Observation Data

Optical and radar images and information deduced from Satellites.

Machine Learning

Get more data to analyse with insights from machine learning.

// Map--based Data

Geographic Data


We display data using a geographical information system so data is viewable on a map.

Point Location Data

Sites of interest can be located with markers on our maps. 

Data by Region

Data can be displayed as an area average. Areas vary in size from constituencies to nations.

Region Size Varies based on Data Source

The level of information available from the datasets determines the scale of area averages.

// data Analysis & Visualisation

In-Map Data Analysis Sidebar


Detailed data on an area with an overview of the wider context and how the area compares to others. 


A graphic display of changes to map data over time. 

Data Descriptions

Everything you need to know about the data, including the sources and methodology. 

// Business Dashboards

Custom Dashboards


Intuitive data presentation with maps, graphs and charts customised to your goals, all on one screen.


Get an immediately informative overview of what matters to you and your business. 

Multiple Data Sources

We’ll find data sources that suit your needs, integrate your data, and organise it by level of priority.

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