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The challenge

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed weaknesses in the health and social care supply chain.  Increased demand has led to critical shortages, with issues being raised around funding, testing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and the shielding scheme for vulnerable people. It has become apparent that there is a clear imbalance and disparity in the availability of, and access to, essential resources across the health and social care sector. This has forced the Adult Social Care sector in particular to rethink its supply chain models and evaluate sustainability levels in order to cope in times of emergency.

About the project

In this project Astrosat is running a trial to identify the location and type of supplies that could fulfil the demands of the adult social care services in Shropshire. The trial will gather data from the local business community via an online survey to aid the link-up to local social care services.

Our approach

Astrosat are working with Shropshire Council and adult social care body WM-ADASS to identify shortages in critical resources faced by care homes and investigate the potential of these shortages to be fulfilled by the local supply chain in Shropshire. This will result in a sustainable supply-demand ecosystem within the community that supports the national Covid-19 response. The overall objective is to nurture and support greater localism, capacity, robustness, and resilience to the crisis in the social care sector supply chain.

The solution

Using our expertise in data analytics and visualisation, the solution (mysupplylynk.net) will display all the gathered data (from local businesses around Shropshire) on a map using our flagship visualisation platform (ORBIS) to allow providers of social care services to gain geographic insights on what is available and where. This will aid the link-up to local suppliers who have the potential to fulfil the demand gaps that exist today.

Our innovative approach reduces the dependence of health and social care services on supplies from distant and overwhelmed suppliers and empowers them to utilise the full extent of resources in their local community and share with neighbouring regions. It will also offer local businesses the opportunity to re-build their business by diversifying and potentially gaining access to a new market.

How it works

Local businesses who can supply the Adult Social Care sector promote their business by completing an simple online questionnaire at mysupplylynk.net. Products and services in demand include PPE, medical equipment and aids, cleaning products, food and staffing.

Social Care services providers trying to source products and services are informed of local business suppliers using Astrosat’s geospatial visualisation tool (ORBIS) to get information about the location and types of supply that is available to them.

Shropshire Council
Innovative UK
Shropsire Partners in Care


How can you get involved?

If you are a local business in Shropshire and would like to get involved in the trial visit  MySupplyLynk.net, or if you have any other questions and would like to know more about the project, please drop us an email on mysupplylynk@astrosat.ne