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Our Proprietary Geospatial Data Visualisation Platform

ORBIS is the engine that powers many of our bespoke applications.  But it is also our core stand-alone product in its own right.  In this form, it includes numerous data products generated from space satellite and ground data feeds. Whether you need a generic GIS service, or something more tailored to a specific use-case
ORBIS by Astrosat is the tool that you need. 

Data Visualization

ORBIS makes your data alive. Turn 3D on, find your area of interest and dig deep into the dataset by using the intuitive analysis tools.


As time flies the data flies with it.
Observe the series of data changing in time on your map.

Prefer a Paper View?

We understand that data exists in many dimensions, and often needs to be interrogated from different viewpoints to be fully comprehended.  That’s why ORBIS by Astrosat includes a dedicated data analytics toolkit to help you dissect and understand the data that interests you with the ability to export your research as a PDF.

ORBIS Engine

The beating heart of ORBIS by Astrosat is the Orbis engine. 
This is 
where all the magic happens.  Data from space  – and from other sources too – is engineered by our bespoke algorithms into stunning visualisations, along with powerful analytical tools, to give you new insights.

// Every Problem Has A Space Solution

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