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Highlighting need

Around 2.5 million households in England experienced fuel poverty in 2015. That’s 2.5 million households that can be helped.

Energy suppliers throughout the UK have been tasked with tackling this fuel poverty problem. That means finding the households in need and putting energy efficiency measures in place to help them save money as effectively as possible. They can provide insulation, better heating systems, smart boiler tech and more. In this way, people in fuel poverty get help, while the companies remain competitive.

The only catch? It’s difficult to find the households with the greatest need.

Energy suppliers, therefore, have to innovate to meet their poverty reduction targets. That’s where ThermCERT can help.

Astrosat’s aim with this project is to identify and visualise areas of the UK with the greatest levels of need through satellite information. By offering data on individual neighborhoods across the country, ThermCERT will help E.ON direct their resources and Energy Company Obligations (ECO) to the people who need it most.


All in one place

At Astrosat, we believe that space can make many things a whole lot easier.

With ThermCERT, we’re using data gathered from space to enhance data that’s already been compiled down here on earth. That means we’re taking information obtained from satellites and we’re combining them with terrestrial data – from E.ON, from government census results, from the EPC database – to identify the areas of greatest need in the UK.

Machine learning algorithms break down all of this data to identify the demographics and geography of fuel poverty. ThermCERT uses terrestrial and satellite data to target the neighbourhoods experiencing fuel poverty, then presents it in a detailed, interactive visual.

Users can customise the visualisation of a map of the UK according to the data they need. We’ve got data down to an informative level, so you can create the map that’s most helpful to you and shows you the layers of information that meet your needs.

ThermCERT can also be useful to local authorities looking to track the energy usage in their communities.

Who we work with

E.ON are one of the leading energy providers in the UK and they’re always looking to use the latest technology to make energy simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

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